IT for the rubber industry

The German family company CT Datentechnik provides software solutions specifically for the rubber industry and the manufacture of brake pads since 1989. Team of engineers with years of experience in the industry has implemented many projects with many major customers.

CT Datentechnik offers you a lot of sevices for example control systems for mixing plant, their connection with laboratory and ERP systems development enterface.

Process control system CCS2000

Short summary of CCS2000

All services and software from CT Datentechnik are sold under the name of "CCS2000" (Compound Control System). CCS2000 ensures a powerful and flexible planning, control and monitoring of all the activities within the mixing shop.

Due to the modular structure, the use of up-to-date operation systems and databases as well as the networking CCS2000 ensures a high level of oprational stability. Extensions both on the process level and the management/administrational level are easily possible at any time. CCS2000 is subject to continuous development and is designed especially for the use in mixing shops within the rubber industry. Generally, CCS2000 offers these areas:

  • master data management
  • warehouse management
  • production planning
  • production
  • analyzing.



The continuous development and optimization of our software CCS2000 and our experience and knowledge are the basis for our range of services that fit to your specific production infrastructure.


The Compound Control System CCS2000 is a process control system which allows the complete monitoring and controlling of all processes in the mixing room. The software ensures a high quality automation of various production processes and is used by our partners primarily in the areas of rubber and brake pad manufacturing.CCS2000 is constantly enhanced by our team to offer our customers the best solution for the manufacturing and conditioning of mixtures.

The automatic control of the production process offers the following advantages:

  • quality assurance, from raw materials to final products
  • improvement for quality audits
  • increased flexibility in order processing
  • smoothing of the production sequences by means of time planning and balancing of available resources
  • increased productivity through the implementation of time planning
  • rationalization through avoidance of production rejects and losses
  • reduction of verification expenses due to controlled process flows

In addition to the quality assured production process the software is also responsible for administrative tasks:

  • master data management (material lists, material data, work flows etc.)

  • order management (e.g. calculation of material needs)

  • storage volume management (material consumption, minimum stock quantity control)

For evaluation, we provide a variety of sophisticated products:

  • CCS2000 ART (Analyzing Reporting Tool) for graphical evaluation
  • CCS2000 PDA (Production Data Acquisition) for economic considerations and error analysis
  • CCS2000 Journal for a continuous monitoring of the CCS2000
  • CCS2000 WIS (Web Information Service) for web based analyzing of data

Of course, the CCS2000 must not operate as a standalone system. If demanded, it can be integrated into existing IT worlds or we can develop interfaces to various other systems, so that the customer gets a harmonic and homogeneous system. Examples:

  • ERP-interfaces (SAP, Dynamics, Sage, Infor, AS/400-based systems, …)
  • laboratory systems (MonTech, Scarabaeus, Eclipse)
  • other control systems


For more information visit www.ctdatentechnik.de

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