Since 1981, Maxi-Blast, Inc. has introduced non-abrasive blast finishing to thousands of manufacturers, specialty finishing shops and molders throughout the world. By providing superior products and establishing a technically skilled sales force, Maxi-Blast has become the largest plastic blast media producer in the United States.

Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of non-abrasive plastic blast media, Maxi-Blast, Inc. has been providing an alternative to chemical cleaning and sandblasting-type abrasives for more than 30 years. In conjunction with blasting machines, slow hand cleaning and hazardous chemical cleaning are virtually eliminated. Damage to surfaces during such processes as deflashing and deburring of plastic, rubber and metal parts is no longer a concern. Browse the deflashing media now to help with your specific blasting needs.

Common applications for use with Maxi-Blast blasting media include screw cleaning, mold and die cleaning, paint stripping and powder coating removal, cryogenic deflashing, electronics deflashing and plastics deflashing. However, the line of plastic media is extensive enough for even the most distinctive applications. Replacing traditional industrial cleaning and deflashing methods with plastic media blasting can save you money by offering better quality finishing with shorter cleaning times. For more information visit www.maxiblast.com

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