MBT 6048SL PC/DP850

Pressure Blast System (for two workers)

MBT6048 is an effecient direct pressure cabinet with pressure pot to hold blast media, certified with CE certificate of conformity.

When the foot pedal control is depressed, air pressure is released into the pressure pot, pressurizing the pot and then forcing the media from the pot through the blasting hose to the nozzle.

Pressure blast cleaning is done at 2,8 to 4,1 bar. Due to this lower pressures, blast media breakdown is greatly reduced even though a high volume of media is being directed at the part to be cleared. Most of the media is recovered through the recycling process.

Direct pressure blast cleaning is ideal for powder coat stripping, mold and screw cleaning, for applications when large surfaces must be cleaned quickly and for production blast cleaning with abrasives.

This system can be operated by two workers at once.




  • Depth 1 219 mm
  • Width 1 524 mm
  • Height 787 mm


  • Depth 1 880 mm, door opening 1 956 mm
  • Width 1 651 mm
  • Height 1 803 mm
  • Weight 730 kg

Floor space:

  • 2 540 mm x 1 956 mm

Main features:

  • Cyclone separator is constructed of 10-gauge welded steel for durability
  • Cabinet and dust collector are constructed of 14-gauge steel
  • CE certification of conformity
  • Plastic granulate capacity: app. 22,5 kg (abrasive app. 45 kg)
  • Vibrating screen in cyclone hopper

Other features:

  • Fluorescent lightning
  • Airline water filter
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • Safety enclosed foot pedal
  • 1,3 cm heavy-duty blast hose
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle: standard 0,64 cm
  • Optional nozzle sizes: 0,32 cm, 0,48 cm, 0,79 cm

Dust collector:

  • Includes 30 tubular filter bags
  • Manual bag shaker
  • Motor 2 HP, 3450 RPM, 230 V/1-phase, 60 Hz (3-phase optional)


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