Static Control and Dust Inhibitor

The RB-2000 Anti-Static Injection System used with MBI-40 and MBI-1001 Liquid Static Inhibitors uniformly coats media particles and machine surfaces. The inhibitor provides an electrical discharge path to ground, virtually eliminating static problems in both air-blast (suction or pressure style) and centrifugal wheel-blast deflashing systems. Clean parts can then be removed from the deflashing system, free from dust and deflashing media. In addition, deflashing media can be expected to remain usable for a longer period of time, due to the more efficient removal of dust and flash.

  • MBI-40 
  • MBI-1001 
  • MBI-1001 Red

MBI-40, MBI-1001, MBI-1001 červený

Common Application: Reduce dust and static during blasting

Safety data sheet MBI-40

Safety data sheet MBI-1001



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