Committed to Extrusion Cutting Excellence Since 1968

Founded in 1968, Gillard has 43 years of experience in satisfying customer's extrusion cutting requirements around the world. The range of on-demand servo extrusion cutters is one of the widest available on the market. Gillard´s machines can cut plastic, rubber, food, metal and soap extrusions. Cutting automotive, medical and food extrusions are the main areas of activity but the list of what can be cut is almost limitless.

Gillard is constantly raising the bar on cut length accuracy. Real world feedback has proven our servo cutters can achieve a CpK > 5.0 when cutting extruded plastic medical tube. The cutters and associated machines are also designed for maximum uptime. Durability is standard. As is value-for-money, for a quick pay-back on your investment. And everything is tailor made at a standard cost so you can really get the cutter you want.

Gillard is the plastic, rubber & food extrusion cutting expert who is also at home with adhesives, soap and almost every other type of extruded product. Please check out the ranges of rotary cutters, caterpillar pullers/haul-offs, circular blade saws, coilers, winders and conveyor collection systems at official website


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