Our precision increases your profit

Continuous performer systems for precision manufacturing

For over 30 years, VMI Rubber has supplied the rubber and tire industry with quality extrusion solutions. Today our state-of-the-art extruder gear pump technology is used by technical rubber and tire manufacturers around the world.

Reduce Waste

In order to reduce waste and cost in compression molding applications the market is demanding more accurate preforms produced with VMI’s continuous non-stop gear pump extruders.

Continuous Cold feed system

VMI’s preforming systems are based on the accuracy and stability of our unique extruder gear pump combinations. Adding a variable speed integrated cutting unit, plus a sophisticated software control system, VMI’s cold feed extrusion systems become a high precision continuous preformer.

Our systems are available in outputs ranging from 60 Kg/hr up to 4,000 Kg/hr producing preforms with weight accuracies within +/- 0,5%.

Our gear pump systems will handle a wide range of sizes, from very small parts to very large performs weighing many pounds/kilos …all with the same accuracy.

Our systems are designed from the bottom up for easy operation and maintenance.

For special applications, such as medical products, we can customize our machines to meet your specific needs such as quick change capabilities.


  • Automotivewim7
  • O-Ring and Seals
  • Sports and leisure
  • Footwear
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General rubber goods
  • Pelletizing



Screw diameter

Output range kg/hr

Combex 45


50 – 60

Combex 60


180 – 200

Combex 90


400 – 500

Combex 120


800 – 1200

Combex 150


1600 - 3700

Note: The output depend on the compound


Improves quality, reduces waste with preform accuracies of +/- 0,5%.