Matteuzzi, founded in 1956 by the Matteuzzi family, whose second generation stands at the company’s helm today, has always been dedicated to the production of machines and equipment for tyres. Since its establishment the company has produced a vast range of machinery and equipment for different sectors sharing one thing in common: manufactured rubber goods, tyres in particular. Matteuzzi makes machines for manufacturers of new tyres and retreaders of tyres for cars, light trucks, trucks, earthmovers and aircraft.

Its product range also includes finishing lines for precured treads. In this sector Matteuzzi builds machines with varying degrees of automation (from semiautomatic to computerised), designed to work different lengths and profiles of precured tread strips. Matteuzzi has consolidated its experience in this sector since 1974, when it produced its first complete line.

For more information about Matteuzzi products please visit www.matteuzzi-srl.com.


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