VMI is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and services to tire manufacturers. VMI's product division VMI CARE specializes in automatic robotic handing systems and machinery with "unique technology" incorporated in machinery for rubber processing plus food and non-food applications such as the non-woven industry. VMI’s product division VMI-AZ Extrusion supplies a comprehensive range of machinery for rubber extrusion, compound straining, rubber preforms, high precision rubber feeding and tire retreading.

Based in Epe as a subsidiary of the TKH Group NV in Haaksbergen- The Netherlands, VMI has progressively developed into a thriving global organization incorporating production, sales and service facilities in Europe, Asia and America with 700 employees.

The VMI plants are ISO 9001 certified and cooperate in research & development, production, sales and services, ensuring all our products are tailored to meet individual needs on a global basis. For further information visit www.vmi-group.com.

VMI specializes in designing and manufacturing of equipment, that handles non-vulcanized rubber for a variety of applications.

Tunnel type batch-off


The HP (High Performance) batch-off is a tunnel type cooling line, designed to handle slabs of rubber compound with a maximum width up to 1200 mm and a throughput up to 11 tons/hr. Several type of stackers and other optional equipment is available to meet all your requirements. By its versatility, the perfect solution for as well the technical rubber industry, as well the tire industry.

Tunnel type batch-off for medium to high throughput with the MHD III Stacker.


Cantilever batch-off

The cantilever type cooling line forms the foundation for a wide variety of batch-off and strip cooling combinations. The heart of the system is


an electrical driven cooling rack with bars attached only on one side (cantilevered), and a dipping section. The cooling rack length, i.e. the number of effective bars, and the further execution is dependent upon the specific customer’s requirement and application.

A VMI cantilever combination can vary from a cooling rack with just six fans and a simple one-strip stacker, to a complete multifunctional batch-off system, capable of handling separate strips, slab, perforated slab, and cut sheet.

Cantilever Batch-off with MHD Stacker, box/pallet conveyor and end-of-strip cutter.




Optional equipment for batch-offs

For our customer’s needs and requirements, batch-offs can be customized with a lot of optional equipment, i.e.:wmi4

  • Impression batch printer
  • Hot strip slitter unit
  • Automatic hot and cold sample taking unit
  • Excessive dip liquid blow-off unit on dip tank
  • Automatic bar cleaning device
  • Batch tracking and weighing system
  • Pallet handling systems, either for flat, or box pallets


Automatic pallet handling systems for flat pallets

Automatic cold sample taking unit, integrated in the stacking unit


Wide variety of stacking equipmentwmi5

At the end of the tunnel, or cantilever type batch-off VMI offers a variety of stacking equipment for stacking slabs, sheets, perforated sheets and strips.

  • Pendulum type stacker, for uncontrolled lay-down of sheets, and/or slabs
  • Patented MHD III stacker, combines a wide range of stacking possibilities with a high stacking speed
  • RCP stacker, for very precise stacking at high speed of very wide sheet or slab
  • Patented MHD 500 stacker, for cantilever type batch-offs, combines a wide range of stacking possibilities with a high stacking speed
  • WWE 200 stacker, for stacking of one, or optionally two strips with a maximum width of 200 mm
  • HP stacker, for controlled strip and slab stacking on a flat pallet


Detail pendulum type stacker


Cutting and feeding equipment


The unique properties of rubber makes the cutting of a cold rubber slab a challenging task, requiring a skillful and robust approach. Calling on many years of practical experience, VMI has developed a range of cutting machines for customer specific applications. Depending on the application and desired result, various methods are used, including cleaving, shearing and chopping. These mixer or extruder feeders have been developed and proven through VMI's rich heritage in the tire and rubber industry.

Customers can depend upon the VMI build quality for robust and sturdy machines which are designed to handle the high forces involved.

Mixer feeder type 329. With this feeder, second stage batches can automatically be fed in to the mixer.





Combex hot feed strainer

Extruder gear pump systems for straining applications in the millroom

VMI-AZ delivers since many years extrusion systems for rubber straining applications. All systems consist of a single screw extruder in conjunction with a gear pump and a strainer head, or rapid screen changer. Within the last wim7few years the market request has been changed from low output cold feed systems to high output hot feed systems. This is due to the fact that most straining applications are now moved to the millroom where the rubber is fed to the strainer system directly from the batch-off, or mill. Because of this the extruder gear pump strainer needs to provide a high output to keep up with the output of the mixer. The latest design at VMI-AZ is a Combex 150 extruder gear pump system with an output of 3,500kg/h at a compound density of 1,1g/cm³.

Combex 120 with gear pump




iCOM® (integrated continuous mixing)

wmi8VMI-AZ offers a superior final mixing process incorporating transfermix single screw extruder mixing technology (MCTD) in conjunction with a gear pump. Mixing is carried out in VMI-AZ's Shark® transfermix extruder and mixing efficiency can be optimised per compound through a variable screw speed plus chemical dosing is provided by gravimetric operating feeders. VMI-AZ customers report that our iCOM® process (which is available for all Shark® sizes), significantly reduces production costs as compared to a batch mixing process and improves compound quality (vulcanization characteristics).

The iCOM with the Shark® 150 unit





Systém iCOM® - VMI pro kontinuální domíchávání.

VMI Rubber

Reliable processes that save money
From bus and truck to aircraft tires

We always tailor VMI Extrusion systems to your specific applications, building exactly the right combination of components to deliver the performance you need. VMI’s cushion gum extrusion-smearing is used for both pre-cured tread retreading as well as mold cure retreading.

Our portfolio starts with small cushion gum extruders perfect for use by smaller retreaders, extending to extruders able to handle larger quantities and to systems for cushion gum extrusion-smearing, manual pre-cured tread application & stitching, as well as to automatic pre-cured tread application and stitching.

VMI cushion gum extrusion-smearing technology offers:

  • Automatic skive filling for reduced labor costs
  • Single size feed strip for reduced cushion gum costs
  • Reduced cement spraying costs
  • Increased product quality

Automatic skive filling and avoidance of air bubbles

Automatic cushion gum extrusion smearing is far more reliable than skive filling performed by an operator with a handheld extruder. VMI extrusion smearing technology also ensures far better avoidance of air bubbles, when compared with both cold cushion gum application and hot extrusion “strip winding”. The smearing effect ensures that the hot cushion gum really penetrates right into the buffed tire surface. It also guarantees exactly the right amount of cushion gum on all spots: never too little and never too much.


Cushion gum width is adjusted by moveable slides, which change the die opening width of the extrusion head. Specially shaped quick change side dies, known as wing forms, are also available, so cushion gum can be partially extruded onto the casing shoulder.


Retrax 3003

The smallest machine in the VMI portfolio, with a 30 mm MCTD extruder and a 3kW fixed speed drive. With the RETRAX 3003 you can carry out between 85 and 120 cushion gum applications in an 8 hour shift. Optionally equipped with an automatic stitcher, it allows you to carry out from 60 to 90 cushion gum applications and manual retreads on the same wheel hub, in an 8 hour shift.

Retrax 6005

The mid-ranger within the portfolio, with a 60 mm MCTD extruder and 5.5 KW fixed speed drive. With the RETRAX 6005 you can carry out between 135 and 180 cushion gum applications in an 8 hour shift. Optionally equipped with an automatic stitcher, it allows you to carry out from 80 to 110 cushion gum applications and manual retreads on the same wheel hub, in an 8 hour shift.

Retrax 6011

The top of the VMI range, with a 60 mm MCTD extruder and 11-20 kW variable speed drive. With the RETRAX 6011 you can carry out between 190 and 240 cushion gum applications in an 8 hour shift. Optionally equipped with an automatic stitcher it allows you to carry out from 90 to 120 cushion gum applications and manual retreads on the same wheel hub, in an 8 hour shift.


Our state-of-the-art CTC-SB I directly extrudes hot cushion gum onto a buffed casing. After applying cushion gum, the tire moves to the tread applicator, where the tread is applied and stretched automatically to provide a perfect matching splice. The 60mm MCTD extruder is driven by a high-power variable AC drive. Used in combination with the variable speed of the tire, the CTC-SB I give you the highest output under all circumstances. This single stage unit is optimized for large production units, and handles up to 140 tires during an 8-hour shift, including cushion gumming and pre-cure tread application.


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